Wanda and Sadie

photo: lisadaly.com

photo: lisadaly.com

Wanda and Sadie – A Dream August 5, 2014

She was Sadie’s new friend. They were in the other room together. We could hear them talking and laughing. When they came out they had made something decorative that was wood and was glued together. We were given a kit to build as well. It consisted of a wooden frame that seemed like the sides of a boat but supported only with cross braces so there was no hull integrity and would never float. Inside we put wax ivy vines, and any other stuff we wanted. Wanda watched us and gave instructions on assembling the frame but gave us no specific instruction on the inside decoration but encouraged our artistic creativity. She was a strange girl, cute with long straight dark brown hair combed aside to expose her round cherub face. It was her eyes that gave her away. There was something she was reluctant to reveal to us, something she was actively hiding. She would sometimes glance at us as if expecting us to discipline her. As if she was doing something she should not be doing. I was growing suspicious but said nothing. I tried to watch her for some sign of what she was hiding without being too obvious. We then all sat on the floor around the walls of the unfurnished room with our decorative “boats” on the floor in front of us. Then Wanda showed us how to light them. I watched as Wanda and Sadie sat Indian style in front of their fires intently focused and silent, watching them burn as if part of a secret ceremony. The feeling grew that something was being hidden. That Wanda was keeping something back and the bond developing between them, though apparently an innocent childhood friendship, had a deeper more sinister aspect that Wanda understood, if exposed, would cause our disapproval and a dissolution of their friendship.

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