An Artless Encounter


Jules walked up the stairs, his pace slowing by the third level. It was early and the apartment house was still quiet. Jules was dressed up and smelled nice. His hair, graying at the sides, was combed neatly and he looked like a successful businessman as he walked across the linoleum-covered floors and past the worn and broken banister. He knocked twice smartly at the door to a single room apartment. When Norman answered he was in his boxer shorts and T-shirt.

“Jesus, I thought you’d be ready.” Jules said.

“I’m getting ready,” he answered, “you’re early.” Norm was young enough to be Jules’s son. Their relationship had recently become that of mentor and apprentice.

“Well that’s why I came early, I don’t want to be late for this. This could be a really big day for us. Now get ready and look your best. If this works out this could be the beginning of something big. We could be partners.”

Norman’s bed was hidden behind the open door, the sink and stove sat just beyond the bed. Jules closed the door noticing Norm’s unkempt bed. The bedclothes conformed to that singular waveform that announced a mature female curled up on her side. With the covers and pillow pulled over her head she seemed dead to the world..

“What’s this? You got a girl friend?” Jules asked Norm as he headed into the bathroom.

“She not my girlfriend. She’s like a just neighbor. Nobody really. She crashes here sometimes. You can fuck her if you want.”

Norman closed the bathroom door and Jules heard the shower running. Jules lifted the covers revealing her naked rump and legs.  He looked blankly for some interval at her billowy whiteness, without thought or intent. Then suddenly he removed his shoes and paints. Sliding in next to her he snuggled to her, reproducing her fetal contour, and easily entered her. She barely stirred. As he moved in her his mind slipped into a half dream. He imagined he was riding an escalator. Looking dapper, standing erect, feeling peacefully content. The fingertips of one hand one hand lightly resting on the moving rail feeling its vibration as he calmly surveyed his surroundings. Up and up getting closer to the top. Just as he was anticipating his transition from the moving stair to the stationary floor the escalator ride ended.

He rolled away, looked up at the stained ceiling for a restful minute. When he heard the shower stop he got up and hurriedly redressed. He did not want to be seen like this. It was not guilt that motivated his deception but his relationship with Norman. It was beneath his role. Jules was the elder, Norm the protégé. He was checking himself in the dresser mirror when Norm came out drying his hair with a towel. It was not apparent anything had happened. Jules said nothing as Norman dressed with youthful energy and efficiency. They were quickly out of the apartment and traveling along the crowded sidewalk.

“That girl, is she your girlfriend or something?”

“She not my girlfriend. She’s this local tramp she’s …” Jules interrupted.

“Don’t…Don’t say any more. I don’t want any more information.” he said as they walked down the stairs. “I just fucked your girlfriend and I am just now realizing that it was about the best fuck I have ever had in my life.”

“Come on Jules, you’re kidding me? What about Connie? She was the hottest woman I ever saw. A smoken’ sex kitten if ever I imagined one. I hope you don’t mind but I would always picture bonkin’ her when I played with myself.  I was so envious of you having her. I never did understand why you left her.

“Please, God, don’t remind me. I don’t even want to remember what it was like living with that shrew. Nothing she was involved in was simple. Everything became complicated or expensive. The simplest things, eating, watching TV, sex. You cannot imagine what the divorce was like. I think the judge gave her everything she wanted just to get rid of her. Her lawyer congratulated me. I cannot remember her without her mouth moving. In all of the pictures I had of her, her lips were blurred. She had nothing to say, not a real thought in her head but she talked constantly. I never had two minutes with my own thoughts in the years we were together. If we would have a rare night at home together, kid gone, nothing on TV, me seeing an opportunity for some playful copulation, she would start something out of the blue that would keep us fighting for weeks. This here girl friend of yours, she was the perfect woman. No demands, distractions or stupid prattle. This broad had a soft and warm ass and that’s all I needed. No promises, phony flattery, or insincere compliments. She was essence of fuck.”

They walked silently for a few minutes before Jules again spoke.

“Norm, I was wondering, and I’m serious, if you don’t mind, I know how you feel about her but could you set something up for us? For us to see each other? I might take her out or something, you know. Maybe later in the week? I’m feeling a rather post ejaculatory attraction toward her.”

“Are you sure Jules?” Do you really….?” He was about to say something more but hesitated. “Sure, I can set you up. I think you’re crazy but I’ll do it, just for you.”

“Thanks Norm. I want us to say no more about this for now. We have an important task before us that could prove financially beneficial for both of us. Lets concentrate on the business at hand. If we stay focused and in control this could turn out to be a day we will always remember.”


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