Photo-Lisa DalyHaving washed the dishes of my evening meal
In the sink an ant I notice
Attempting to scale the cliffs of steel 
His efforts without progress 

Gaining not in his attempts
He rested his body segmented
Best efforts thwarted he was spent
Like mine his ambition frustrated   

The dishes stored, my chores complete 
I draped for him my towel
Furnished a ready path replete
Unaware, he waited now

He stirred not, as yet faint hearted
Immobilized by his mind empirical 
“Your Red Sea you'll find is parted
Soon shall ye know true miracle.” 

Once embarked with ease he climbed
From out his watery tomb
I know not what his mind surmised  
His solace I assume

From out despair to kind deliverance
His mandibles mouthed a prayer
I answered “To your kin acclaim this God of Ants
And I shall keep them in my care”
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