I was born in the Orion arm of the spiral galaxy we call the Milky Way, on a blue and white planet orbiting a G-type main-sequence (yellow dwarf) star. I am one of a species of seven and a half billion individuals living on the planet’s surface. We are distinguished from other life forms having evolved the ability to use complex tools, apply logic and reason and use language to share and record information, among other things. We live together in a relatively peaceful social structures that, in most cases, allows a variety of personal choices and encourages creative thought and technological innovation.

It has only been in the last hundred years that we have come to understand the vastness of the universe and our infinitesimal place in it. Being a young technological species, we have, so far, been unable to detect life beyond our planet although we have detected potentially habitable planets around other stars.

Our planet has a history of regular species extinction and we are aware that we remain vulnerable to these natural events. In addition, our technology has developed destructive weapons with the potential to destroy our critical biosphere.

As individuals we know we will all perish. Yet it is my hope that our species will soon be able to colonize other worlds in order to insure the long term continuation of our fortuitous existence and someday include our knowledge, culture and biology among those likely communities of extra solar intelligent life with whom we could eventually establish contact.

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2 Responses to Overview

  1. jmalone608 says:

    I like it Bob. This is the first one I’ve read so far and like any good writing it should provoke thought. It has.

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