Apostle to Man

Exoplanet K2-18b (Artist’s Impression)

There was once a planet among the stars
as luckily placed as are us
with warmth and order and cosmic calm
where life bloomed ’midst water and dust

There happened a species on that nice planet
as lucky were they as us
At the calling of stars, they slipped gravity’s bars
with dreams and grand schemes bold and full wondrous

And on that blue globe wealthy cultures arose
nearly as lucky as us
but small minds did persist, squandering all of these gifts
with pursuits petty, venal and vaporous

There on that small planet among the stars
that had been as lucky as us
now barren of thoughts, their accomplishments dust
their existence extinguished and hushed

That planet, its species and culture
that once was as lucky as us
their future regrettably ended
for they sadly had no Elon Musk

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