God of Dreams

Swarm Bikini

Aug 4, 2008

A woman is sitting in a chair in her living room with a few of her friends. She is talking energetically about something with them that seems to me like nothing important. Her little daughter is playing on the floor. I notice she is wearing black bugs for clothes. They are swarmed discretely around her like a black bikini. I also notice that she is wearing rigid clear plastic enclosures in the same areas to contain them and assure they don’t go too far away. I look closely and see that they are moving constantly, like a swarm and some randomly wonder far enough away to be seen as distinctive creatures. The girl begins to try to get her mother’s attention but she is too involved in what she is saying to pay any attention to her daughter. The girl finally gives up and goes back to playing on the floor by herself.

A Priority of Friendship

October 26, 2013

Brian had told me of his plans to sell his invention at a nearby convention. I knew it was important to him to sell his idea. He lived at college and needed the money. I lived at home and commuted to school.  When I left my house I told my mother I would be back after I went to the store. I knew she would not understand  my going back to school to help my friend Brian move his machine.

Back on campus, I felt I was on borrowed time looking for my friend. Brain’s convention was today and we needed to get this machine up onto his pickup truck and get it set up at the convention for him to do his demonstration. I assumed he had a room near the student rec center since he always seemed to be around there. I looked in the gym, then walked to the swimming pool. Almost no one was around. I found a little break room with vending machines. I looked in but not seeing Brian I was leaving when someone called to me. They seemed to know that me and Brian and were friends. I explained that I was looking for him since I promised to help him move his test machine today. They told me that they knew about the convention and would also be helping him move it. They went outside with me to look for him. I was very relieved that others would be involved for I did not believe the two of us could do it ourselves, the test machine being a heavy steel frame housing a three phase motor. We walked past the outdoor pool to where a nearby pair of painted white louvered doors. One of his friends pulled opened a door that revealed the pool pump and filter room. Brian was standing in there leaning against a network of white PVC piping sleeping with a white sheet wrapped around his shoulders. This was the first I became aware that he was so destitute that he had no dorm room to sleep in. On his elevated right hand was a shoe, a loafer, which made his wrist look like a sockless ankle. But the shoe sole was painted with a face and I saw it was a puppet shoe and because of the protruding sockless arm, the puppet appeared naked. Again I had not known that Brian was a puppeteer. He was, to my amazement, standing and sleeping as we looked at him in the confined pump room space. He awoke from our intrusion, happy to see us and we talked about moving his test bench. I knew it would be a difficult job but now with the others here I was more confident in our likelihood of success. But even without them I felt I had to be there and try to move the machine for him even if it would have been impossible for us since I had promised to help him. The other guys there said they and Brian would begin getting things packed and ready. I knew I had to get back home and told then I must go now but I would be back soon to help them with the heavy lifting.

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