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Auto Autonomous

“A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men…our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.” Herman Melville The introduction of self-driving cars may transfigure American culture in unsettling ways we have not seen in … Continue reading

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I watch at my kitchen window the feet and pale bellies of numerous moths on the window screen These have come from the night to be mesmerized by my fluorescent light as I wash the dishes. What addictive magic is … Continue reading

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Having washed the dishes of my evening meal In the sink an ant I notice Attempting to scale the cliffs of steel His efforts without progress Gaining not in his attempts He rested his body segmented Best efforts thwarted he … Continue reading

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The Nature of Nature

They drove along Route 17. Once there were the three. They hadn’t seen each other for years. There was a casual estrangement. The funeral brought the two together. It made sense to share the ride. There wasn’t much talk. A bit of … Continue reading

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Dubious Nirvana

I went back and did it again this time trying to remember for the record – we, traveling near the big construction machines with the boy, my friend egging on the salesman and …. It is dangerous enough being a … Continue reading

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Nascent Discoveries

From the sidewalk I looked in through the store window before noticing the open inviting door. A modest wooden sign above identified it as Nascent Discoveries. “This must be new.” I thought, and went in to check it out. It … Continue reading

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An Artless Encounter

Jules walked up the stairs, his pace slowing by the third level. It was early and the apartment house was still quiet. Jules was dressed up and smelled nice. His hair, graying at the sides, was combed neatly and he … Continue reading

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Putin’s Exploits

 photo: David Jones 大卫 琼斯 An Anachronism on the World Stage Collective ideas change our world. They are very powerful in our cultures and can make the difference between humanity progressing and surviving or struggling, stagnating and dying. Our ideas … Continue reading

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Once I Die

In the world there will not be another me There will be other people much like me But will their suffering be felt by me once I am gone when the molecules that make up my body are integrated into … Continue reading

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Viet Night – An Army Recollection

Induction and Deployment I rarely talk about my time in the army. Not that I am avoiding it. It just seems so disconnected from my previous and later life. It was like an interruption in the continuity of normality. Looking … Continue reading

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