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Simulation Theology

The discussion around the idea that we exist in a computer simulation has been recently fueled by the publication of The Doomsday Calculation by William Poundstone and some remarks by Neil deGrasse Tyson and Elon Musk. Although it is an … Continue reading

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Once I Die

In the world there will not be another me There will be other people much like me But will their suffering be felt by me once I am gone when the molecules that make up my body are integrated into … Continue reading

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There was a man who lived on an island And there was nowhere to walk because the island was a mountain And every day he would do something Each day he carved away a little of the mountain at the … Continue reading

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My Ozymandias

Think of the millions of humans that have preceded us and the millions that will follow. Even fame is no hedge against anonymity in the long run. Our lives, in the end, are of no more consequence than an erroneous … Continue reading

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