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Apostle to Man

There was once a planet among the stars as luckily placed as are us with warmth and order and cosmic calm where life bloomed ’midst water and dust There happened a species on that nice planet as lucky were they … Continue reading

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Muting the Dread

the bedside radio is off the trump, trump, trump of morning news silent leaving me free to explore the joys of being alive

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I watch at my kitchen window the feet and pale bellies of numerous moths on the window screen These have come from the night to be mesmerized by my fluorescent light as I wash the dishes. What addictive magic is … Continue reading

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Having washed the dishes of my evening meal In the sink an ant I notice Attempting to scale the cliffs of steel His efforts without progress Gaining not in his attempts He rested his body segmented Best efforts thwarted he … Continue reading

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Once I Die

In the world there will not be another me There will be other people much like me But will their suffering be felt by me once I am gone when the molecules that make up my body are integrated into … Continue reading

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There was a man who lived on an island And there was nowhere to walk because the island was a mountain And every day he would do something Each day he carved away a little of the mountain at the … Continue reading

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Miller’s Tale

In Shillingsworth one fateful day A plan was baked, the people say To find the hidden Treasure of Peru The crew, hand picked by Miller Dale The week he was released from jail Planned those years he simmered in the … Continue reading

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All my heroes are tragic Struggled to ultimately fail Overwhelmed by forces unforeseen With high ambition and notable gain Unrecognized in their time Absolved and admired by later generations Perhaps such as I For a man to achieve all that … Continue reading

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