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On a Lithium Kiss

He walked to the door, his wife following behind him. He turned and they kissed. He knew it would be the last one they would have. He looked back at her again while walking to the car. She smiled and … Continue reading

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The Nature of Nature

They drove along Route 17. Once there were the three. They hadn’t seen each other for years. There was a casual estrangement. The funeral brought the two together. It made sense to share the ride. There wasn’t much talk. A bit of … Continue reading

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Nascent Discoveries

From the sidewalk I looked in through the store window before noticing the open inviting door. A modest wooden sign above identified it as Nascent Discoveries. “This must be new.” I thought, and went in to check it out. It … Continue reading

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Gregor and the Cure

Gregor touched her skin. It was cool and smooth and perfect. An electrical signal ran through his body originating and concluding at the brain stem, causing every organ and muscle a slight anticipatory convulse. Her breasts quickly responded with flesh … Continue reading

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